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Create The Perfect Outdoor Environment For Your House & Garden

Mendez Landscaping & Supplies offers a wide range of natural stone selection to help you transform your property into a beautiful living space. From Limestone screenings and Mason Sand to Torpedo Sand and Grade 9 Gravel, we have everything you need.

With our free estimates and delivery services, you can have a stunning outdoor space in no time!

A Full Range Of Variety For The Perfect Landscape Design

We understand that most landscaping projects come with a budget – that’s why we offer competitive prices on all our stones based on their. And we provide professional delivery services to ensure that all the stones arrive in one piece.Simply choose the stone of your choice and we’ll take care of the rest!

A Variety of Natural Stones

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3/4 Washed stone
Washed stone is a round and smooth rock usually 1”...
Grade 9 gravel
Grade 9 : it consist of crushed stone with a...
American Heritage 1”-2”
American Heritage is a smooth rock usually 1”-2” in diameter,...
torpedo sand
Torpedo sand Is a mix of coarse-grained sand and gravel...
Mason Sand
Mason sand: is a fine,smooth and clean sand, also can...
Wisconsin granite boulders
Wisconsin granite boulders are smooth,rounded and multi-colored rocks Are great...
Pea Gravel
Pea Gravel is a round smooth and rock usually 3/8”...
Limestone screenings
Screenings consist of crushed limestone, product of the rock mining...
CA6 Grade 8 limestone
Grade 8 it consist of crushed limestone with a size...
1”-2” River Rock
River rock is a round and smooth rock. Can be...

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